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MoreLost in Hong Kong follows a young boy, Tim Chan, as he chases..
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the Author - Matthew Cooper

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    Matthew Cooper is an English-born writer who lives in Sai Kung with his wife and two children. As a stay-at-home dad he spends most of his time doing laundry but occasionally finds time for writing. He has never lost his dog but as a small boy he lost a budgerigar, called Jenny, when she flew out of an open window. He likes to think that she is still out there, somewhere...



the Illustrator - Fiona Lai

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Fiona Lai, “Fi”, was born in Hong Kong but grew up in Vancouver, Canada, where she studied communication and design. Since returning to Hong Kong she has worked mainly in the commercial art industry but has maintained her passion for art and illustration.

Lost in Hong Kong is Fi’s second book. Her first book, 1.0_tears, was an exploration of tears and their profound meaning in our lives. The acclaimed art in her book - a collection of nearly 30 pieces - includes oil on canvas as well as ink and charcoal on digital print.

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    • Sai Kung
    • IFC Mall
    • Discovery Bay
    • Citygate
    • Harbour Centre
    • Hopewell Centre
    • Repulse Bay
    Please see this link for addresses and contact details: http://www.dymocks.com.hk/index.asp

    Lost in Hong Kong is also available at:
    • Swindon Books (Tsim Sha Tsui)
    • Kelly & Walsh (Pacific Place & Landmark)


• Landmark Prince’s
• Exchange Square
• Lyndhurst Terrace
• Queen’s Road
• Discovery Bay
• Shui On Centre
Please see this link for addresses and contact details: http://www.bookazine.com.hk/eshop/stores.php



the Book

Lost in Hong Kong follows a young boy, Tim Chan, as he chases his mischievous dog across the city, from Hong Kong Park to Sai Kung. It is a light-hearted celebration of Hong Kong's diversity, its amazing transport system, and the kindness of strangers.

This creative, beautifully illustrated romp around Hong Kong is a pure joy for any parent and child to enjoy together.

Nury Vittachi - author of The Paper Princess

I was spending a lot of time reading to my 3 year old son, who was mad about vehicles at the time, but I struggled to find books about transport that had a story and were set in a world that he would recognize. So I decided that I’d write one. Once I’d written the words I remembered that I couldn’t draw so I needed an illustrator. And then I thought of Fiona, who had worked as a graphic illustrator at one of my previous employers, and decided to ask if she would be interested in turning her hand to illustration. So we met and, being clearly deranged, she said she would be happy to collaborate with me. I love how her beautiful illustrations complement the written story. And I also roped in my sister, who lives in the UK, to edit the words. She made a big contribution to the final text.

Matthew - Lost in Hong Kong

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